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  • 04/26/2012  8:37 pm  04/26/2012 8:37 pm
  • Posted by Operations Support  Posted by Operations Support

Move (push) domain to another account.

To move (push) a domain to another account, use the Push Domain link located under Extra Service in the upper left hand corner of your Dashboard.
If needed, follow the instructions under the "Create New Account" announcement if the new Registrant does not currently have an account in the system.

Under the Push Domains section, select the domain(s) you wish to move to the new Registrant's account. Then enter the Client ID of the new Registrant in the ID field and click Submit.

The next screen allows you to verify that the proper domains are being moved to the correct account. Once you have verified the information is correct, press the Push button and the domains will be moved.

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